Monday, March 8, 2010

Lexus promises to catch up with BMW and Mercedes

The company announced the release of new models IS - a series that will constitute direct competition BMW and Mercedes
In the next few years, Lexus is going to fill up its line of cars, luxurious models, which will be positioned in the same price niche as the most popular models from BMW and Mercedes-Benz. , Said in an interview with Wall Street Journal vice president Denny Clements (photo).According to him, Lexus lacks sedans and convertibles in the niche of "up to $ 70 000, which is positioned most selling model BMW 3-Series.In the niche of "High End" above $ 70 thousand, which "works" Mercedes-Benz, a Lexus also notes "the gap". (Recall that the flagship SUV Lexus GX 470 on the U.S. market worth $ 45 275. The same model in Russia is released for $ 90 thousand.)Last year Lexus sold a total of 259 755 of its cars - 11% more than in the previous year. Nevertheless, this figure is 4 times less than that of BMW.Denny Clements promised that in the next 5 years will bring the company to sales of 350 thousand cars per year.